jugo de fruta

oranges and an apple
oranges and an apple
oranges and apples
oranges and apples

During the summer I acquired (by virtue of growing older by one year) a Kenwood smoothie maker. As you can see I made the most of the fruit that normally languishes uneaten in my friut bowl. I love oranges but I am little lazy about separating the pulp from the peel. Orange and apple fruit juice with crushed ice was perhaps my favorite drink over the summer – easy to make and cool and freshing.

My other favourite was banana and peanut butter – not so much freshing but more comforting espcially with a spoonful of honey (I have very sweet tooth!). I seem to drink this more as the summer was drawing to a close.

The other little secret (unbeknowst to my dinner guests) is that sometimes I would use the smoothie maker to make my potato and leak or onion soup. It works suprisingly well!

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  1. rarasaur says:

    Juice just isn’t my thing, and the juicing of crazy stuff does make me crazy in turn… but I do understand the joy of a new appliance, especially a birthday gift! 😀 Lovely post– and what beautiful pictures!!

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