dias escolares


I went to primary and secondary school between 1981 and 1994! I remember watching documentaries in the classroom -Science, history, geography and English language were the main culprits. The teacher would go to the stock cupboard and roll out a huge television on a high platform on wheels. The television itself would be in a locked ‘cupboard’ on this platform. Usually we would have to sit in semi-darkness to reduce the glare of the television screen. As to the nature of these educational films – in primary school the “Look and Read” series springs to mind immediately. This was a BBC television programme aimed at improving children’s literacy skills. I think they used to be broadcast on a Friday morning.

Some of it was entertaining – the little words, pictures and songs –

“Bill the Brickie”

“I’m an apostrophe” (I am an apostrophe, come and take a look at me. I’m not a comma, I’m not a full stop. Don’t put on the line, I go at the top)

“Magic E”

“S and T”

“Think Big Big Big at the Beginning”

However sometimes the stories that were told in the programmes were just plain scary to my seven year old mind.

  • The Boy from Space
  • Badger Girl
  • Fair Ground
  • Dark Towers (perhaps the scariest of all!)

I think it might have been due to the ‘atmospheric’ music!

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