20130215-002141.jpgLying in bed this morning contemplating the blue skies instead of enjoying the real thing, I was half-listening to the radio and  the presenter mentions Jonah from the Old Testament. “Battling with God and himself” was the radio presenters comment. I have read the book of Jonah (it is short – 4 chapters) but I am not are that I understand it! I have read a few on-line and ‘in-bible’ commentaries and I was still none the wiser!

However the thing that starting whirling round my head was the song that we used to sing in music class in secondary school (music class is a whole other blog for another day…). So I did little research via Google and found the song sheet of the song we used to sing. It seems it was written by a man called Michael Hurd and called Jonah-Man Jazz. I do not remember any of this from school but I remember a few distinct verses that take me back to the year 1988/1989…

Nineveh city was a city of sin

The jazzin’ and a-jivin’ made a terrible din

Beat groups playin’ a rock and roll

And the Lord when we heard it said, “Bless my soul!”

The Lord he pondered a subtle plan

He looked around for a righteous man

Saw Jonah sittin’ ‘neath a pineapple tree

And the Lord he said, “That’s the man for me”

when Jonah sank into the sea he closed his eyes and prayed

“Oh Lord I’m very sorry that your word I’ve disobeyed

“If you will only come and save me I will do as you command

“Instead of treading water let me tread upon the land”

Go down, Jonah, deep in the ocean

Go down, Jonah, far from the shore

Go down, Jonah, deep in the ocean

Go down, Jonah, far from the shore

It seems like yesterday, sunny mornings with nothing much to worry about (pre GCSE days!)

I have attached a video clip that somebody has uploaded to YouTube. This of course is not my school but it does sound beautiful to listen to and a nice way to spend 11 minutes and 8 seconds. Enjoy


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