Daily Prompt: Far From Normal

6 unique, exciting or plain odd things about myself

Far From Normal

1. I cannot sleep unless the radio is on.

2. I have a £10 note on my fridge that I got from a cash machine in which somebody has written ‘The Holy Spirit’ keeps on giving. I have kept that note since 2008.

3. I collect objects with letters. I have tiles, train set and soap cubes made from the letters ‘J’ ‘E’ ‘S’ ‘U’ ‘S – i.e. Jesus. The tiles are from Lanzarote, the soap cubes are from Nice and the train is from Kent

4. I collect ornamental elephants

5. I love pretending that I live in the land of the giants (TV series from late 60’s) and taking photographs of my house as if I was a little ‘person’.

6. I love eating akara (Nigerian dish made from black-eye beans) with custard.

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