Writing challenge: Image vs Text


I often imagined that road signs were more than just a means of keeping drivers and pedestrians on the straight and narrow in this journey called life. There was a period my life when I drove a great deal and I often wondered if the road signs would provide direction in my life that sometimes I felt I did not have. Instead of ‘London A3(M) 45 miles’ it might say – “Jennie – you need to end it with Ben, you are not going anywhere with him”. Funnily enough, that did not happen! However, I do recall seeing something similar in a Jim Carrey film – or maybe my memories fails me a little.

In my early thirties I found religion in the form of Christianity and hoped that that would provide me with some direction. Inevitably it did – one can’t help be moved by statements such as “I am the way and the truth and the life.” (John 14:6).


I listened to all the good things. I took them all in, I made them part of my existence. I made progress in ways that otherwise I might not have done without this guidance. However it is/was really challenging. Many times I have wondered – what really controls us? Sometimes I wonder why we do not always listen to the signs around telling us to stop, hold back and wait. The signs telling us to think before we go beyond the point of no return. The signs that are there to protect us from danger. We have free will and oftentimes there is no physical barrier stopping us from doing things we should not do – just balance of right and reason. Sometimes those are the situations in which the most danger is to be found. In the end we will have live with and justify the consequences of our behaviour.

However so far, all is good – it could be better but it is good.


The good things?

I have been pleasantly surprised at times – life can be full of unexpected abundance. We can wait patiently or more likely as is (my) human nature – impatiently. We can wait and things can come to pass – like the proverbial buses. There have been days and months – when the littlest things have made me feel so blessed and lucky. It for those moments I give thanks and push on.




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  1. eof737 says:

    That is true about how life seems to operate for me too. TY! 😉

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