Weekly photo challenge: Lost in the details

Eye of the tiger

St Pancras International is hosting the world’s largest public event to save wild tigers. Tiger Tracks features three weeks of station-wide activity, between 1st and 21st March.

Tiger Tracks is presented by Save Wild Tigers, a global conservation awareness and fund-raising initiative set up by Simon Clinton in partnership with the Born Free Foundation and Environment Investigation Agency. Born Free and the EIA have joined forces to end the illegal trade in tiger parts and protect tigers in the wild.

An art installation named ‘The Recycled Tiger’ was designed and built by Faith Bebbington and will be auctioned in aid of tiger conservation.

It is based on a female Bengali tiger, the sculpture was created through treating the bottles  (over 300 recycled milk bottles) , designing the frame and hand sewing each piece of plastic on to create the ‘fur’ effect.  It took over 400 hours to create and sits on around 58,230 recycled cans.

20130303-012833.jpg I went to meet a friend at St Pancras station today. I was pleasantly suprised to see this tiger! I took these pictures with my camera phone, however I may well return with my little Canon.

20130303-013002.jpgI thought I would use this for the weekly challenge because there is much to see in this piece of art. I am impressed by the time and  effort taken to put together these individual pieces of plastic.


I also was reminded of ‘Richard Parker’  in ‘The Life of Pi’. I saw this film in January and I thought it was amazing. The lines that hit that button in my stomach and opened my eyes were

Mr Okamoto:” Yes. The story with the animals is the better story.”

Pi Patel:”Thank you. And so it goes with God


It made me realize that  was how I looked at life too and that’s how I wanted it to be.

But sometimes you have to examine the detail…


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