Where is the persimmon…?

Cinnamon punch

Soju is a lovely little Korean resturant in central London. Tasty, filling food for a reasonable price.

I ordered cinnamon punch for the first time.  I asked the waitress what was it in, but somehow she could not tell me – not sure if it was a language thing or she genuinely did not know! So I decided to be adventurous and stick to my order and look it up on Google when I got home (although thinking about it now – I could have just looked it up on my smartphone – seems I am not so smart!).


The drink was cold, dark and sweet – for me, a lovely accompaniment to my main meal of bibimbap (seafood version not raw beef). It went down a treat!





Dutifully I consulted the source of all wisedom that is Google  and I now know that this beverage  consists of sugar, cinnamon, ginger and persimmon. It does not seem that difficult to make…However, although I have plenty of cinnamon (two for one bargin in the January sales) and ginger, I could not find the persimmon!

Further investigation on Google reveals that it is a fruit. I guess I shall look out for it next time I venture to the supermarket…


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