Cow bells

Come cows to the sound of my calling, the night draws on the day is done

Come cows for the shadow are  falling , I call you one by one

Come Daisy, come Maisy, come Buttercup, Marigold, beautiful Sue

Come Milky and Silky and Flowering May, come you, come you

I was watching a documentary this evening on farming in Kenya and I was reminded of this song we sang  at school in our music lesons circa 1987.

As usual, I have had to use Google to refresh my memory from over 20 years ago but I now know that it is by Edvard Grieg, the Norweigian composer. It’s beautiful isn’t it?

This song brings back a flood of memories of starting secondary school – new, alone and a little scared.

Also reminds me that I still have a dream to one day travel to Norway to see those amazing fjords.

One day, one day…


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