It is the May Bank Holiday (the first one). I am still in bed. Have not yet managed to venture outside the house yet. I have put the washing on. I have washed the dishes. I have eaten a breakfast of toast and sardines (delicious). I am about to wash my hair and then sweep the flat. Later today I am off into town for a mini picnic and maybe I shall take some pictures.

Despite this calm exterior, I am a mass of barely contained excitement! I should be collecting my new car tomorrow evening. It has taken a month of searching and pondering. Evenings of going to car dealerships and test drives. I have finally found something I really like. It’s small but spacious.

I had initially got my heart set on a little Fiat 500. They are cute and stylish. I was seduced by them. However one little test drive ended that love affair. Although the interior was nice the ride was too bumpy – reminded me of the the little rover metro that I used to have. It was great in town but on the motorway I was terrified! Having said that – the Fiat 500 has good reviews for motorway driving – the road tax is only £30 and the insurance manageable and petrol consumption reasonable.


However, I have to leave that little dream car behind and look for something more practical.

This is the third car that I have bought in 10 years and I can’t wait to drive it. It’s manual and I have not driven an manual car in 5 years but found that it was actually a pleasure to do. On my little test drive I found it made me concentrate on the road a little better than when I was driving the automatic. Not sure that I will be wowed by it when I am sitting in traffic for my morning commute but we shall see.

Car salesmen are just as advertised, wanting you buy all the products wherever you need it or not. Every sentence yesterday was not complete without the word ‘finance’. I could not help feeling guilty for not wanting to take a loan when I had already saved and budgeted for this car. Crazy huh! However, I resisted and stuck to my budget and plan. After all you cannot spend what you do not have.

Anyhow, I had better head back down to real life.

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