Twenty miles


The new car is here!

I have just returned home from work (23:45) after a 13 hour day at work. I am not sure where the time went. I woke up at 6:15 – left for work at 6:55 ( no breakfast). I finally arrived at work at 8:55. Two hours later!!! Horrendous traffic. Then i had to walk 10 minutes from where i parked the car to my office. I saw my first patient at 09:15 and the last patient left at 17:15. I had lunch in front of the computer typing the report for the first patient. I spent from 18:00 to 22:00 writing 4 reports – one for the education authority and the other three for the courts. My brain hurts!! It took 30 minutes to drive home from work with a brief stop at the supermarket to buy some supplies and my dinner (shredded wheat).

I have to concede that this day has been an anomaly and hopefully not be be repeated.

The highlight of my day – Apart from my work?

Twenty miles in the car.

My new car is a manual and annoying though it is – I somehow enjoy the gear changes. I have driven an automatic for the past 6 years and it has taken a little time to get used to. Yesterday when I drove home through central London after buying the car, I kept alternating between stalling it at the traffic lights (embarrassing) or also coasting in neutral every time I approached the traffic lights. However my twenty mile journey this morning – mostly at 10 miles/hour has retrained my brain. During the twenty mile drive home in the evening I managed to hit 50 miles/hour and despite my tiredness – I was secretly grinning at how smooth the ride was.

Twenty miles…

I simply love driving – the new car has power steering which feels like such a luxury (the old car was 11 years old and the steering was HEAVY in comparison). The new car still has the new car smell; I resisted the urge today to stop at McDonalds drive through and hungrily devour a Happy Meal and thus I breaking the habit of 10 years. The new car has this new fangled stop start mechanism that stops the engine every time I stop at the traffic light and a starting mechanism the involves pushing the clutch down. It’s all weird and the key does not even look like a key but I am getting used to it.

Twenty miles…

I enjoyed listening to the Today programme on Radio 4 in the morning on the way to work and the The World tonight on the way back home. Although my brain is so tired now that I cannot remember what has happened today- Alex Ferguson springs to mind.

Twenty miles…

My little cabin on wheels feels like home from home. It feels like my own little world – far removed from all the thousands of car and lorry drivers. I have not worked out how to mange the Bluetooth bits. My phone appears to be picking up everybody else’s Bluetooth but not the one in my car. However I do not want to connect with anybody when I am in my little motor.

Time to sleep now. Another day beckons – more miles to consume.

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  1. Girl in the Bubble says:

    Sounds tiring…

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