Early bird plus course run by national autistic society


Take nothing for granted

I am half way through a term of a course run by the National Autistic Society called early bird plus. It’s a course specifically designed for parents with children recently diagnosed with ASD who are aged 4 to 8.

My mum and I have attended the 2.5 hours sessions to help us both understand ASD as well as develop techniques to support Ts learning. It’s been a really interesting course so far, starting with the concept of ASD, to understanding how those with ASD think and understand the world. The biggest thing I’ve got from it is that T does not experience the world in the same way as I do, so therefore my attempts to mold his behaviour through what I was considering normal parenting was never going to work. Using language, and visual cues, I can make Ts life much easier and therefore mine too.

Today I watched…

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