Silver linings

Well I never got to meet the judge!
What a palava!
A sleepless night of worry and panicking.
Reading endless papers AND I put on one of my best suits!
I get to the court – it’s all a mystery to those not in the know. Families and solicitors rushing here and there.
I was clueless! Helpfully nobody at reception (it appears to be permanently closed) but there are instead countless security guards. I empty my pockets – full of tickets, receipts, loose change and biro. I am scanned by what appears to be an electronic cricket bat! There is a list of case numbers on the wall/noticeboard with the corresponding court room number but of course nobody has thought to tell me this useful information – so I do not know where I am meant to be.  After walking up seven flights of stairs and checking the case list on each floor – I come to the conclusion that something is amiss. I check my e-mail again – it definitely tells me I should be in this building at this time on this day. I call the solicitor and she is helpfully out of office. I call the social workers in my office who inform me that the plan changed yesterday evening but somehow the message did not get to me.
So I will try to think of silver linings…
I had a delicious bowl of porridge this morning – more breakfast than normal.
Porridge and honey - yummy
Porridge and honey – yummy
I look very smart today – I have on a beautiful blue suit with a cream top.

Blue is my favourite colour. I think I look nice in blue!

I got to experience the drama of getting into court in central London first thing in on a Friday morning – long queues, security checks, general bewilderment.
I will be able to complete some paperwork when I finally get back to my office.
I know more genetics, microcephaly and learning disability than I knew last week.
I know more about the British Ability Scales than I knew last week.
I know more about specific learning disability than I knew last week.
So I am going to hold onto those thoughts and move on with my day!


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