This is basically Monday for me…!

Not sure what is about that day of the week. Personally I think it’s all about the Sunday before…

When I was a school child – Sunday was spent frantically finishing the homework and coursework I’d been promising to do since Friday evening.

Sunday evening was ironing all the school clothes for the week ( I am one of five siblings). Ironing all the pleats and collars into place and complaints from my sisters or brothers if not done to perfection.

Sunday evenings were all about preparation for the week ahead. Going to bed early because you knew that the Monday morning wake-up was going to be painful…

Sunday evenings were for listening to the ‘network charts’ on Capital Radio with Dr Fox (who I later learned was not a doctor) and writing down with meticulous care the names of all 30 songs.

I still have the textbooks with the lists stored somewhere….

Not that I am 36 and all ‘grown up’ – Sunday evenings are about relaxing and trying to avoid thinking about the week before. Sunday night is lamenting about how a 48 hour weekend is just not enough time. Sunday evening is looking into the fridge and wondering what will pass for lunch on Monday. Sunday evening is looking through those unread work e-mails and deleting all the ones you have been copied into but did not really concern you.

Maybe Mondays should be about the fresh start. The new beginning a chance to start again. Put the past behind.

Mondays we salute you!

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