Hurry up, hurry up!

Something different this evening.

The Magic 8 ball that is Google maps led us to Yalla Yalla in Green’s Court, Soho.

What can I say…

Our mouths were watering while we read the menu and waited 20 minutes for a table.

Inside looked cosy and inviting.


Was it worth the wait?

Oh yes!!

We ordered 4 dishes on the meze ‘menu’

Hommos Shawarma
chickpea purée topped with marinated thin slices of lamb fillet

Jawaneh meshoue
charcoal grilled marinated chicken wings with garlic and harissa sauce

Makale samak
Deep fried tiger prawns, calamari and white bait with spring onions, crispy aubergine and chilli minted greek yoghurt

Baba ghannouj
charcoal grilled aubergine purée, tahini, fresh lemon juice dip

Washed down with iced watermelon juice.


Absolutely delicious…

I will definitely be returning!

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  1. i’m hungry now. Clever clogs. 😀

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