An elephant never forgets…


Another surprise gift!

It seems people know me very well…

This a leather writing book with an elephant on the front

Not sure what to use it for.

I have kept a diary/journal – more or less every year for the past 25 years and I already have one for 2013. This storage piece was started in 2011 and is not even half full. I have somewhat scaled down my daily entries. It got to a point that I was pretty much writing the same things “I’m so tired/lonely” etc – boring…

That elusive book?
If I know what I wanted to write about, then it would be perfect. One of the reasons that I started this blog was to practice writing and try and get some inspiration for the book that I have wanted to write since I was 8 years old. My self-imposed deadline was age 15 – I am 22 years overdue…

In a way the paper is so rough and the texture so lovely to run my fingers over – I am loath to spoil the pure clean emptiness of the page.

In times past I would use the arrival of the new year and accompanying diary as an excise to buy yet another fountain pen. However I am not so sure I can justify that any more.

It also reminds me of the fact that sadly I do not write very much these days. I write mostly at work – but letter writing, journal writing is all on the iPad, iPhone or the PC. Even my shopping list are dutifully typed out on Reminder app on my iPhone.


Perhaps I should use the book for handwriting practice…
I am not sure what my style is. Depending on my mood, it is simple print, left slant or right slant. Never really consistent – I am not sure what that says about me – I am sure though there is a book out there that can tell me! However, there is nothing more satisfying that looking at and reading pages of beautifully hand written notes.

I remember as medical student – sometimes I would get sheer pleasure out of writing out reams of information from the physiology textbook – just to see my, then neat handwriting on paper. Perhaps the reason why I spent so much time in the library.

Now of course there is no time for leisurely writing. Everything is rush rush rush! I am writing this blog on the tube at 23:00 flying home to a East London.

Sunday talks
In my Church going days – I would take a little pocket book with me and record the most sailent and moving aspects of the sermon. I am not quite sure where that book is now. But I soon ended up using Notebook on the iPhone!!



I love cooking but I am terrible at keeping good recipes in one place. They are scattered around the house on little cards, pinned onto the notice board or stuffed into a plastic file in my ‘ library’ . If I want to bake a cake these days I am very likely to find the recipe online. Now that I have been introduced to Evernote – I have even more opportunities to store information electronically


I think I rely too much on electronic media.

All the more reason to retain the paper and pen!

Well I am still pondering…

Looking for inspiration – answers on a postcard please!

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