I have just finished reading this book

Time taken: May – August 2013

I loved this book – I have been a fan of Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie’s work since reading The Purple Hibiscus about 7 years ago.

I think this book is nicely written – many times I truly believed I was in Nigeria or the USA. I like the fact it covers the issues that some modern day Nigerians face when travelling abroad to carve out new lives for themselves. In truth – probably no different to any other cultural/racial groups facing the same struggles but nice to read a Nigerian author.

One of my favourite lines in the book describes a married couple hosting a birthday party.

Marcia and Benny both taught history, they came from the South and they even looked alike, with their smallish bodies and honey complexions and long locs grazing their necks. They wore their love like a heavy perfume, exuding a transparent commitment, touching each other referring to each other”

I love the way she describes things, bringing the most mundane and ordinary things to life in a rich and exciting format.

If I could write half as well as her – I might be on my way to my first publishing deal!!

However work beckons and my imagination needs firing up!

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  1. fola says:

    The rasta-couple-yeah I remember that part from the book! Chimamanda is a very skilled writer. Hey, I think you write pretty well too though, – no kidding. I have read about 25 of your posts. Chimamanda got training, and she immersed herself into writing as a profession. If that were to be your story, you just might have turned out to be another great Nigerian writer *wink*
    However work beckons eh? 🙂

    1. Maybe in my retirement…!

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