Putting the fun in dysfunctional…

Well here I am…

1:30 am in one of the most loveliest places on Earth and I cannot sleep!

I am not sure why

The heat…?

A well meaning but misguided phone call?



When I was younger and I could not sleep, I would climb out of my cabin bed and go to the living room and write. I had and still have a green padlocked notebook given to me by my German penpal. I used this book as a journal and in this journal I would scribble all my teenage dramas. It was at time rather soothing. I still write in it from time to time and smile in amusement at entries from over 20 years ago.

I wish I had it here now…

What would I my 15 year old self write?

Dear diary,
I can’t sleep!
It’s really hot. The air is so still. There is no breeze. I have eaten icecream but to no avail, I cannot cool down. It feels like I am covered in a great blanket of heat. I would love to go outside now and look at the night sky and pray that somehow a cool breeze would wash over me and sooth me. It strange that I cannot sleep because I had such a nice day…

Lie-in until 09:30, breakfast at a lovely little cafe, a walk around the market and the old town of Cadiz. Lunch of potatoes and fried fish followed by a glorious walk by the bay and a 2 hour siesta. Two hour car journey with amazing views of the Spanish countryside and a glimpse of Gibraltar. Another walk by the beach in the cool evening air, a game of tic-tac-toe and a small purchase of baklava. Another delicious meal of melva, tomato and olive salad to round off a beautiful day.

Well I am feeling a little drowsy now so I am going to retire to bed now.

Or words to that effect…

Instead I have Samsung tablet with it’s melatonin suppressant effects

The joys of modern technology!

One Comment Add yours

  1. carla says:

    The answer of course is sex! That’s what u do when it is too hot to sleep. Best way to go.

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