Daily prompt: Smell you later


Fresh, clean and scrubbed

Fresh, clean and scrubbed

My lovely companion uses this shower gel.

It smells heavenly – I had never heard of it and never smelt it before I met him.

I love the smell so much that on my recent trip to Spain I bought this bottle to use here.

The smell reminds me of being a child, being fresh, clean and scrubbed and ready for school. More specifically it reminds me of the school exchange trips.

In order to help us learn French and German better our secondary school linked up to children and families in French and German villages. So I would write in French / German and they would write back to me in English. (Maude from Bar-Sur-Aube and Steffi from Ellewangen)

The smell reminds me of the first time that I went to France on the French exchange in the summer half term. I am transported to back to May 1990, back to of 5 days spent in the French sunshine, eating crepes, speaking broken French, visiting Troyes, drinking hot chocolate in the morning for breakfast, driving through the French countryside in a coach, cycling badly down French roads and generally enjoying life. Of course there were the awkward bits but such are the side effects of being a teenager! The certain realisation of the harsher aspects of life, the not so pretty parts.

I guess it’s part of growing up and guess what?

I’m still learning…

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