Weekly photo challenge: Inside


I have spent Saturday evening cleaning out the cupboards!

I thought I would use the before and after pictures to describe – INSIDE

My kitchen were crammed with bottles, boxes and tins of food that have accumulated over the past six years! I have discovered that most of the items has past their expiry dates! After my clean out, it seems I have two cans of chickpeas, one can of fruit cocktail, one can of pineapple, one can of sweetcorn, three cans of tuna steak, one can of tuna, and two cans of sardines. I have three boxes of unopened tea bags and three unopened tubes of tomato purée. I have three unopened bags of rice and three boxes of unopened lasagne sheets. I have managed to fill multiple Tupperware-style containers with couscous, stock cubes, rice pudding grains and popcorns all nicely stacked and labelled.

So now when I look in my cupboard I even though they seem a little bare, I am reassured that everything that should be there is there.






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  1. Mayti says:

    Well done! 😉

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