Daily prompt: Mid-Season Replacement

ring the changesRing the changes…!

It now feels like autumn has fully arrived.

The blue coat is on…

The purple gloves are out

So the days are a little shorter, the evenings a little darker, nights a little cooler.

I’m wearing my solid Clarkes boots (five years and still faithful!) and my winter socks are getting a run for their money.

Autumn time always reminds me of school – even though the last time I sat in a classroom was 1994 (OMG!).

Reminds me of things being fresh and new.

New uniform, new bag, new stationary set, new books

A time when you could reinvent yourself, into an older wiser better version of yourself.

“I will work harder, I will do my homework on time, I will try and make more friends”.

In the junior school days we would sing this song at the start of term.

It’s so lovely!

Sweet and innocent.

I am taken back to sitting on a newly polished assembly floor with the sunlight streaming through the windows.

How is autumn for a lady in her 30’s?

Worrying about fuel bills …

Hoping that the trains run on time and that the right leaves are on the track…

Perfect excuse to buy another cuddly jumper

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