Ser audaz y prudente

Level 2
The view from the top

Last Saturday – I went snowboarding with my lovely companion.

The first time ever for me.

What an experience…

It was fun but very very tiring.

We signed up for an 8 hour lesson – or rather he and his 20 year old colleague – perhaps in retrospect a little too much my my old 37 year body.

However I managed to get to level 2 – not bad for me…

Our bald/shaven headed French instructor asked us to write everything down that we had learnt.

So in true Francesca-style, here it is!

26th October

Hips front
Belly forward
Shins forward

Hips back
Belly back
Calfs back /knees back

Hips, shoulders in line
Focus on your point in the distance

Clearly I still have a long way to go…

What was the the most important thing I learnt from my 8 hours in the cold and snow? Learning to be in control of my own body and controlling my fear and panic. The fear and panic that inevitably sets in when one is hurtling down the slopes at great speed!

Generally – when I didn’t think too deeply about all the terrible things that could happen – I floated down the slopes like a dream. As soon as I caught myself thinking – it was game over.

We shall see how the next lesson goes…

And how can I apply this to the rest of my life.

Be BOLD and be WISE


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