“…You are enough”


Flying solo last Wednesday evening, I “travelled” to Stratford to see this play.

How did I know about it? A flyer picked up on a shopping trip to Westfield about a month ago.

How did I end up going alone – instead of a girls night out? A Church acquaintance who invited me to see the play with her, but then did not respond to my text messages. Why, I do not know. However, I though I would go and see the play anyway. I am glad I did.

So…did I enjoy the play?

The answer is yes!

I did not hear anything new…

I think it was a fair reflection of the experiences of many black women in British/Western  society.

I think it was nicely presented – seven tales from seven women.

Sheri-An Davis as HAIRCOMB

Toyin Ayedun-Alase as PICKYEAD

Rebecca Omogbehin as BOUNTY

Allyson Ava-Brown as HALFBREED

Katie Hayes as TOKEN

T’Nia Miller as BAL-EAD

Lorna Brown as PANTHER

Very bold, very cheeky and thought provoking. And of course very funny in parts.

Did I relate to anything in the play?

I guess, yes, lots of little things from childhood, adolescence and womanhood – things heard, things read,  things seen and things felt.

My favourite lines?

” You will learn to know that the kink of your hair, tone of your skin, rise of your smile and strength of your build was not a coincidence. It is one of the most beautiful phenomenons of them all.  You just got to be to you…Dearest future queen, you are enough!”


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