Dessert Island discs

Dessert island discs

I love music…

I consider myself a child of the eighties (born in 1976) and I have not really got excited about any music produced past 2000. Well maybe that’s an exaggeration… What I should say I s that I haven’t listened to music as intensely and given it so much importance as I did in the years from 1983 – 2000. The significance of the year 2000 – the year I graduated and the the year I started work. It’s seems that is what took my time and emotionally energy and music did not figure in quite the same way.

I spend lot of my childhood studying. Studying, studying, studying and music was the background to that. I spend hours doing homework and coursework at the dining room table with the radio on quietly in the background. My father would ask me “How can you concentrate with that on?!” I would answer that it helped me focus, I’m not sure how. All I know is that if the radio was off – then I would be distracted by everything else that might be going on around me. I guess perhaps that I was taking in more music than I thought because there are certain tracks from the 1990’s that take me right back to particular pieces of homework, coursework and exam preparation.

Now it seems that me background now is still the radio but either – talk radio or podcasts. I must just like noise!

In a dim and distance past when I first learnt to drive I would prepare cassette tapes of the perfect driving songs -uplifting, rip roaring music – perfect for my weekly London-Porstmouth-Southampton commute. Those were the days in my little red car.

So my top tracks?

Every Breathe You Take – Police – 1983

Pride (In the Name of Love) – U2 – 1984

Stuck with You – Huey Lewis and the News – 1986

It must be love – Madness – 1981

Not even sure why these are on my list – given in truth they are not the most cheeriest of songs!

In truth I might listen to them while pottering around my flat but they don’t quite make it on my more recent compilation tapes, however I feel I must acknowledge that time in my life when these songs had a meaning to me. They take me back to being a child – a child before the teenage me came along, before the adult me came along. When life was just school and work and homework and not much else. Simple days.


My chosen track for this blog?

Warning Sign – Cold Play -2002

It somehow trumps my previous favourites from the 80s

Warning sign – Coldplay

Takes me back to the days when I had just moved to Portsmouth and I was getting used to a new job and new city and my first real experience of loneliness. Takes me back to learning to be independent…

This tune appears on multiple playlists…

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