Gone but not forgotten


So, it is the end of a long but pleasant weekend. I am sat here trying not very successfully to write up a presentation from the DSMIG symposium from last month and watch the Hunger Games at the same time. Multitasking at its worst!

Saturday I met up with my good friend and her husband for lunch. We demolished a delicious Japanese meal, swiftly followed by cakes and tea. All very nice. Then we strolled along to Covent Garden and my friend kindly bought me a box of macaroons as a gift. Very tasty

Salted caramel


Orange blossom


Pink peppercorn




I of course shared half the box with my lovely companion! I think he liked them too.

So now they are gone, but not forgotten

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  1. MMMMMM. I love macaroons. Hope the multi-tasking went to plan!

    1. Yes!

      Watched the Hunger Games – now ready to watch the 2nd one in the cinema. Completed one slide of the presentation.

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