The unstable princess

So I was sitting at work last week, minding my own business, trying to dictate a report, when this song pops into my head

Through bad times we’ll stick together,
Keep our chins up with a grin.
We’ll ride out the stormy weather,

We’ll be known as thick and thin

Love’s requited, we’re united,

in a match we both can win

That was the last song in a play I was in at the age of 10 (circa 1986). I played the lead witch with a silver and green face.

However I cannot remember the name of the play!

All I remember is that it was a play about a princess who could not stop crying or could not stop laughing.

I have tried to ‘Google’ this but strangely enough – did not find anything. Perhaps not the most constructive use of my time!

There are two songs that I also remember

The first song…

As happy humble peasants we

All sing and work in harmony

And as we chant our rustic round delay

We hear some big mouth shout


The second song…

We’re all of us agreed

Oh joy, oh bliss, oh rapture

Ha ha, ha ha

We’ll fly at breakneck speed

And chase until we capture

Ha ha, ha ha

We have content to die

The one who came to spy

To punish their misdeed

We are agreed

We’ll fly away through night and day

Until we find who dunnit

There’s no defence for their offence

No pardon for the culprit

And we shall show no mercy

However hard they plead

They’ll rue the day they came our way

On this we are agreed

Ha ha

They’ll rue the day they cane our way

On this we are agreed

And so my question – does anyone remember performing this play at school? The name, the storyline and the songs?

I wait with bated breathe…

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  1. Cath says:

    I know this was 3 years ago but did you ever figure out what this was? I was just singing to my baby and sang the same song, husband had never heard it so tried to google it and only result is your post! I remember sinothis in the 80s too!! WHAT IS IT THOUGH???!!! Aaahhhh!!!

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