Freaky Friday

She often wondered what it would be like to swap lives with a stranger . Or would it be bodies – how would she be herself in another person.

Let’s think about this logically .

Imagine she is that person opposite her – she would look at her hands and see pink and white instead of pink and brown , she would feel the thin hair from her scalp instead of fanciful braids. She would look in the mirror and stare at bright cold blue eyes instead of brown, familiar comforting ones. Then she would have to open a bag and a life that was not hers. Find out her new name, new job, new home, new family and new friends. Is she married ? She would look at her left hand. Do she have children? How would she know that?

What would happen to her body ?

Which brain would have hijacked her body? Would they be a better her than her?

The possibilities are endless…

How would she get her body back? Say if the other person would not exit? Would she be stranded?

She looks around the carriage – although they are all very different, most people somehow conspire to look the same. The males with jeans, headphones and rucksacks. The women with bags, books and boots.

Nothing too inspiring…

She goes back to reading the Metro

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  1. Excellent! TYou’ve put your finger on a question I’ve often asked myself : what would someone else do if they woke up in my body and in my life? Would they make more of it than I do? I suppose that in the end it would be a bad idea to swap with someone else. Knowing my luck I’d end up as a telly tubby or a politician.

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