In the days after the break up,  Olivia took a small pleasure in watching the sunset at the forest opening.


She experienced a sense of freedom as she raced in 5th gear down the 70 mph forest road, 10 miles from home, only slowing to 30mph, as she passed through the villages.


When she reached the forest clearing she would turn off the engine and watch the sun sink out of the sky. Except, this was more a blurry version of events, because as soon as she sat back in the still silence of her little grey rustbucket, the tears would roll. Big fat tears, soon followed by body shacking sobs and whimpers and moans. She would then sit in the dusklight, hug herself and watch as the minutes ticked away on the dasboard clock. Driving back down then dark country roads with fullbeam headlights was slightly less frantic and she began to count in her head all the good things in her life that she had to be grateful for. Inenvitably, after a few weeks, this soon calmed down to a few sniffles while watching the sunset. But it seemed to help, it seemed to help release a pain, anger and rage that no  prayer, comforting word or hug could do.


Then one day she found that she simply did not have do it any more. She could wake up in the morning without out the urge to drive. Without the need to escape. Instead she would open the curtains, smile and enjoy the sunrise.


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