Pies, banana smoothies and the Spanish way

30 days into the 100 happy days challenge. Food seems to be the continuing theme. Perhaps I am comfort eating? If I am, it’s always with family and friends.

I made a chicken, bacon and apple pie on Monday night. It was tasty…

Afterwards had a “where are we now…” conversation with my lovely companion


Tuesday night was dinner with my work colleagues – those from my immediate location and those from other hospitals and specialties (the obstetricians). I learnt something about mortgages i.e. perhaps I ought to be thinking about other ways to support my retirement. I discovered a whole range of Indian foods that I am going to try and recreate in some form or another. I ate the most delicious dessert ever – ras malai. Managed to place and few names and faces together. All in all – a nice evening.


Thursday night I cooked salad. It is a modified – very modified – version of Patatas alinadas. In fact my winter version of events! However it tastes lovely and is very comforting with the wind and the rain howling outside. I also made a banana and mango smoothie but it was so thick (I added double cream because we had no milk) that aside from the lack of air bubbles, one would be forgiven for thinking that this was a mousse!


Friday night my lovely companion rustled up a ‘light dinner’ – beetroot (I am learning to love this – delicious!!!), salad (sweetcorn, carrots and tomatoes), scrambled eggs with garlic and asparagus and toast with Philedelphia. Absolutley delicious. I told him that I loved this arrangement of food and he told me “It’s the Spanish way”


How about the rest of the week…

I have also enjoyed spending time with my family. Travelled down to the south coast on Sunday with my mother and spent the day with my little sister and her best friend. A walk around town, lunch at a Vietnamese resturant and lot of girlie-womanly chit chat. Very nice


And most weirdly – I woke up one morning and found this ‘quiz’ on Facebook and spent twenty minutes or so in the bathroom completely it. I was secretly pleased with the result but then wondered if the rest of my Facebook friends had higher IQs!


It’s an interesting challenge…

Maybe I should try another one in parallel – “100 days of self-improvement”


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