Daily prompt : Talking Your Sleep

Daily prompt : Talking in Your Sleep

Not so much eavesdropping or overhearing…

In another phase of my life (and sometimes on odd lonely days) – I would sleep with the radio or the TV on. I had the idea that it kept me company in the long hours between dusk and dawn.

The only problem is that I would absorb everything that was broadcast, resulting in some pretty bizarre dreams…

The most vivid dreams are when I lived away from home and had the TV on during the Oscar ceremonies and the presidential elections.

Now – I am more likely to hear the early morning news at 4 am forget about it – get up and turn the radio off, get on with the business of getting ready to work, then return to the radio in my car for the 20 mile journey to work. I would listen to the news and have a sense of deja vu – it will take me a while to realise – yes I heard the news before – in my sleep – doh!

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