Day 3 : Tool up

Each of us has a toolbox, and no two are alike. They are full of the things that make us unique: our experiences, our skills, our faith, our resources, our intelligence, our passions, our networks. Create a list of the tools you have at your disposal: it might include your creative mind, your enthusiasm, your computer skills, or your savings. Then, use one item on your list to bless someone today, and then tell us which one you used using the #40acts hash tag.

My unique set of tools?

Let me think…

1. Loyalty, kindness, enthusiasm, and patience

2. Love of writing and reading

3. Love of photography

4. Thirst for knowledge

5. Medical knowledge and skills

6. Sense of humour

7. Ability to see the best in people

8. An understanding that despite my many flaws and imperfections (that’s a another list for another day!) God still love me and wants the best for me. And because of that – I can love and help others.

It’s only 10:30 in the morning here. However I have patiently supported my little sister during an unsettled night. I will try and help more as the day progresses.



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