Daily prompt : Brilliant Disguise

Owner of a lonely heart…

Girl meets Boy
a cautionary tale…

Girl is single lonely person wondering if wedding bells and babies are ever going to happen.

One day Girl is on way home and meets charming young boy with brilliant blue eyes, lovely smile and Irish accent to die for. Girl and Boy strike up animated conversation – the like of which never occurs on public transportation systems in major capital cities. Boy seems impressed with Girl and the feeling is mutual. Boy gives Girl his business card and suggests ‘meeting up for a drink some time’. Girl over the moon and takes this very seriously.

Girl goes home and ponders on the matter – in the meantime employing Facebook and Google stalking activity. Facebook page reveals little and Google search uninteresting. Boy works for reputable company doing important life changing work.

After much texting with amusing and witty conversation and a few false start, Girl eventually meets up with Boy for said drink in drinking institution not far from work. Evening is great – the banter , the sparkle is there – alive and kicking. Girl thinks this the start of something special. Boy reiterates this.

Date number two happens – again wonderful but this time Boy says something that alerts Girl and snaps her out of foolish revery. Girl starts thinking and resumes Google search in the manner of FBI/MI5 agent. Girl eventually finds ‘evidence’ on Facebook that said Boy is happily married with a child (and oops – one on the way). Girl lands back to reality and remembers the dangers of being the owner of a mid-thirties female lonely heart.

Girl pondered on said discovery and after honest self conversation is not surprised. Girl wonders is desperation is written on forehead. Girl wonders what on earth she was thinking. Girl puts it down to hormones.

Girl wondered how the next meeting should be approached – if at all. However before Girl has a chance to wonder about this further Girl meets married Boy on public transportation system. Married Boy seems even more friendly than normal and now Girl indicates that she knows something worrying about him. Married Boy looks puzzled but agrees for a quick drink. Girl manages to break glasses while waiting for drink – and both Girl and married Boy spend five minutes looking for the missing piece. Girl then asks married Boy if he has a twin brother. The answer is of course ‘no’. Girl then proceeds to let married Boy know that she knows about his ‘status’. Girl wants to know why he failed to disclose this earlier. Married Boy looks sheepish and then tells – sob story of marital disharmony. Girl then goes onto to give a lecture on the sanctity of marriage and the blessing of children. Girl forgives married Boy and moves on with her life.

Girl is single lonely person wondering if wedding bells and babies are ever going to happen.


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