Weekly Photo Challenge : Inside


Christ on the Mount of Olives
Christ on the Mount of Olives

Last week, my sisters and I took a day trio to Strasbourg from Basel. It was a good day.

We went to the Cathedral of Notre-Dame and marvelled at the architecture and of course took looks of pictures.

However it was sometime before I managed to allow myself to do this.


For a very long time I thought/ felt it was wrong to take pictures in Church. I am not sure where this notion originated from. I believed that Churches/other places of worship were places to be revered and to do anything as inane as taking out a camera was to be shunned.


However I have somehow changed my mind on this afternoon. There are very few places that I travel without my camera – and this appears to be a beautiful place to capture. If the rules had said “no photography” then of course I would have respectfully packed away my little Canon. Instead I joined the hundreds of tourists and worshipers snapping away with their cameras.

It being very dark inside, combined with a low shutter speed and lack of tripod made for some very blurry pictures. But, I somehow like this picture.

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  1. mithriluna says:

    It’s a beautiful image. I think there’s an appropriate way to take pictures in a church as long as you are reverent. When I look at pictures that I have taken in a church, it really lifts my spirit and takes me back to the way I felt when I was there. I am glad you took the picture so you can share it with us.

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