Weekly writing challenge : Power of names

La chica de la burbuja

I started this blog just over a year ago during a period of convalescence. It is one of many blogs that I have started

Life through a lens

Panedora chica

The grass is always greener

Amazing grace

A is for autism

Jesus is king

But I did not manage to sustain much interest or enthusiasm for these blogs. (And I forget the passwords!!)

Instead ‘La chica de la burbuja’ is my baby.

The girl in the bubble

Why this name?

I guess for obvious reasons. I have always felt that I was a girl looking at the world from inside a bubble. An interested observer of life but not quite taking part. This of course is not and cannot be true – I work , I have family and friends that I interact with on a daily basis but sometimes…

Sometimes it feels like I see the world so differently! It’s hard to believe I breath the same air under the same sky. Sometimes when I read the papers, watch the television, listen to the radio, or more likely – scan social media websites. I despair and I just want to retreat into my bubble world and stay warm and safe. This of course is not possible.

Did the bubble burst? Yes and no. The acceptance of the reality of ones situation can be a painful but liberating thing.

Why the Spanish name?

In honour of my lovely companion. I think when I met him – he opened my eyes to many things. I think he might have even told me that I ‘existed in a bubble’ . I think really he was trying to point out that I had a very narrow view point in life. Is this true? Who knows – I am certain most people view things from the prism of their own experiences.

And now – now that I have been enlightened…?

I probably still hold the same fundamental views and beliefs. I probably still have the same opinions . However I understand better how I have come to form those views. I understand how other people just would not see things the way I see them. Not rocket science I guess but has saved many pointless arguments and discussions and has led to more constructive interaction.


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  1. fola says:

    I was wondering what la chica de la burbuja meant. Even went to the “About” tab-till I decided to read this post. You are right though, everyone is in their own bubble.

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