Pancakes, cupcakes and a warm Spanish welcome

85 days into 100 happy days challenge – family, food and friends are still the themes.

Here are some examples of the food


I do not think I have to tell you that this meal was delicious. I found a recipe on Google plus in the ‘healthy food’ section.


The banana and mango theme continued the next day. I think I was on annual leave then so I had the luxury of making and eating a nice breakfast.


Peach and kiwi fruit juice, continuing on the fruit juice theme.


And then – kaboom…! Carbohydrates, cupcakes and cream. I adapted a Nigel Slater recipe. It turned out nice and went down a treat at work.


My lovely companion is Spanish and loves his meat and cheese. When we went to Andorra he bought some ‘fancy’ chorizo – it is so tasty. He created this little ensemble, which we eat quite often – quick and tasty.


One day I came back from work – overwhelmed and emotional. What did I find waiting for me? My lovely companion had prepared a light dinner – I was so grateful that I almost cried.


More smoothie mania…

Banana, mint and a small amount of skimmed milk.


Rainbow feast…more salad and fruit juice.

We have a routine now – if my lovely companion cooks the main meal – I will make the fruit juice. This traffic light offering – raspberry, mango and kiwi fruit.

The best thing about of all of this? The preparing and sharing of the food – it is all very simple but all very pleasant.


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  1. Hi great to meet someone who took this challenge around the same time as I did. Here’s my version

    Wishing you a 1000happydays!

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