Grim Tales…

This weekend I have been gleefully listening to Phillip Pullman’s ‘Grimm Tales for Young and Old’. In this book he retells 50 classic fairy tales from the Brothers Grimm.


I have almost finished and I have really enjoyed picking up on some of the major themes and plots.

Here are just 10 observations I made during my restful Sunday afternoon.

1. The women are beautiful/wise/delicate or just plain vengeful.

2. The Kings are merciful…at times, with a penchant for 2nd wives.

3. Things happen in threes.

4. Animals talk – and they can be wise or cunning. Beware the fox and the bird.

5. The Queens are fiercely protective of their children – if they make it past childbirth.

6. The men are struggling craftsmen or farmers in financial dire straits.

7. They deal in no currency other than gold.

8. If you don’t want to give something away for free – get a man to complete three of the hardest tasks you can think of (see point number 3).

9. Never trust the old woman in the corner/in the woods or the stepmother.

10. Everybody lives happily ever after – until they come to a sticky end!

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