That was the week that was…

So I went into the meeting with a clear plan and I came out in tears. I came out doubting myself, my work and the goodness of other people. It was not very nice…

So now that the dust has settled, what have I learnt?

1. However hard I think I am working, some people will still not think it is good enough. But I will still keep putting in 110% and will keep going the extra mile.

2. I am human. However impartial I might think I am and can be – when I am in the firing line this impartiality can be difficult to maintain. In the end – sometimes saying less is more.

3. Life is hard. Life is very hard. Life is also very unfair. Anything, anything I do can to help somebody, just do it. Just try. It cannot do any harm.

4. Never lose my compassion for people and my passion for work. Yes there are mountains and molehills, blocks and barricades but I must plough forwards, onwards and upwards.

5. I am helpful. I am useful. I can do good.

And so another week at work ends and another week beckons.

Another 12 hour day

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