A trip down memory lane…

Oakdale Infant School

This week I took a different route home from the station. I walked past my old infant school. I stood by the fence and looked at the grassy bank that we used to sit on in the summer. I remember sitting there at story time listening to the class teacher but also being fascinated by the ladybirds crawling though the grass and smell of the flowers around us. That would have been over thirty years ago but it still seems like yesterday…



“Have Faith In God”

We used to walk past this house on Crescent Road every day. To this day, I do not really know who lives there and why the statement “Have Faith in God” is present. I remember just assuming that the people that lived there must be Christian and ‘very good’.


So what did I like about this little foray down memory lane? I think I like to think of it as a time of complete innocence. A time when life was good and I had no clue how complicated life get. The 37 years old me revels in those memories, when both the destination and the journey were pleasant. Now of course I am heading to destination unknown and the journey is hard.

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