Run little rabbit, run!

Olivia smiled as walked towards the tube station. Today was the day! Today was the realisation of all her dreams – well at least the ones that have been occupying her mind for the past three months. Today was going to be perfect – nothing was going to spoil it.


Except as she reached into her pocket, she did not touch the familiar edge of the plastic blue and yellow Ikea wallet that housed her oyster card, the first feelings of panic began to rise up in her chest. She started walking faster, as if that would help, in the meantime pulling out items from her pocket. An old tissue, fluffy and entwined with Galaxy bar wrapper. The off white right hand glove with an old ink stain at the wrist. Her house keys, a twenty pence piece, receipts from the hospital shop where she bought her lunch every day – but no oyster card!


Her heartbeat quickened as the tube station came into view and a westbound train came rumbling along the tracks. She started running and at the same time rummaging around her bag. As she ran across the zebra crossing she felt her purse, diary, Bible, pens, make-up bag all in a jumble at the bottom of the bag. As she ran up the stairs leading to the platform she suddenly remembered to open the side pocket on the outside of the bag – inside was the oyster card. She managed to pass through the ticket barrier and miraculously get on the last carriage and a seat.


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