Weekly Writing Challenge : Flash Fiction

Today, we challenge you to try your literary hand at flash fiction.

“So you said on your profile that you like classical music…”

Olivia laughs, in what she considers to be in a charming, delightful and lady-like manner. However it only services to elicit a look of worry and concern on her date’s face. She clears her throat and desperately tries to think of the last piece of classical music she has actually listened to.Olivia thinks that perhaps the tune from the The Snowman – ‘Walking in the air’ – probably did not count; neither perhaps did quoting the tune to BBC 1’s ‘Apprentice’ (Prokofiev -Dance of the Knights). She wracked her brains (which did not take much time ) and tried to think of something that made her sound learned and wise, charming and sophisticated at the same time just wishing that that she had written truthfully on her profile that she enjoyed bopping around to ‘classic’ tunes of the eighties by such wondrous artist as Tina Turner, Kylie Minogue, Wet Wet Wet and Rick Astley. Not something to admit to lightly especially when trying to impress. However Olivia was given a temporary reprieve because in her nervousness ( and to this day ,she does not know how she did it; she blames the cheap wine glasses!) she managed not only to knock over the full glass of red wine all over the white table cloth but for completeness smash the glass too. She was not sure what was more embarrassing – the subsequent apologies that needed to be made, waiters called and helpful suggestions about how to remove red wine from beige trousers . Or the fact that he disappeared to the toilet and apparently out of the restaurant leaving her to pay the bill of the sad, more than half full bottle of wine, that looked so promising when the evening began.

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