Stop and stare

May continues to be a challenging month for me. I skuttle between work and home weighed down with the minor and major issues of my own little life. One day I was walking towards the end carriage at Ealing Broadway station, my head was bowed and I was just in another ‘zone’. Then I looked up and saw the sky and the fluffy clouds and I thought to myself ” I must remember not to lose sight of the good things, the things that make life beautiful” So in true 21st century fashion I whipped out my phone and took a picture of the sky.

Ealing Broadway station – Central Line Platform

I did the same thing the next morning on the way to work – I was worrying about how many reports I had to complete, the meeting in the afternoon that I still had to prepare for and I thought “wait a minute – this is a beautiful sunny morning- appreciate it!” The morning route is one that I have walked everyday for the 7 years I was at Wanstead High school and the subsequent years at university. I used to love walking to school in the Spring/Summer term – I was always so full of hope and excitement for the coming day. The sunny mornings were always a mood booster.

Chigwell Road – South Woodford

So onwards and upward we roll!

I will continue to find time to stop, stare and appreciate the small wonders even in my seemingly mundane journeys from home to work.


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