Daily prompt : Pick your gadget

Your local electronics store has just started selling time machines, anywhere doors, and invisibility helmets. You can only afford one. Which of these do you buy, and why?

Invisibility hat

First of all I wondered if it would be interesting to see what others are doing ‘behind my back’. What are they really thinking of me ? But on deeper thought …I know what my family and friends think of me. I know what my colleagues think of me – by body language and reading between the lines. I am not sure whether knowing more than that is a helpful addition to my existence. I have no wish to spy on anybody – if you did not invite to your home, tell me on the phone or did not put it on social media then I do not need to know.

However…it would be interesting to sit in the “meetings after the meetings” – where the real decisions seem to take place. Or in editors meetings – who decide what is in the news / what is on the ‘public agenda’. Sitting with the politicians – what are they really saying when the mike is turned off? how do they live what do they tell their children about life and entitlement.

If I could return the hat without affecting my statutory rights, I might exchange it for a…

Time machine

That comes with a complimentary invisibility blanket, in order that I do not alter the future…

I’d probably go back in time and watch me at different stages of my life. Self obsessive I know, but I am the only person I know the best in the world. I would write myself letters to be opened at 18 and 24 and 30 and 35 years and tell myself to hang on in there. I would tell myself that things would be OK , to have faith in my ability to effect change in my life. I would tell myself not to give up on hope – ever.

After that I would use my 38 years of ‘time miles’ to travel to my parents childhood and early adulthood in Nigeria. I want to see how they grew up – who they were before they became parents to me and my four siblings.

I am not sure I have enough imagination or interest to revisit major historical events. There are so many films, TV programmes , radio shows that I would feel like I had seen it all before! However if I think I would like sit and listen to Martin Luther King speak. I think I would like to listen to Nelson Mandela speak. I would go and listen to Aretha Franklin play ‘Bridge Over Troubled Water’ and ‘You’re All I Need to Get By’

And of course I would go to the wedding at Cana and watch the water being turned to wine…

When I return to 2014 – I would ask for an anywhere door for my birthday.

Anywhere door
I am not sure I know the difference between an anywhere door and a time machine but I am assuming that former takes me to ‘another dimension’ . If that is the case, then I would ask it to task me to the Kingdom of Heaven. I would then take careful notes and establish – just how does one enter this establishment? What does one do when one arrives? Are there really harps, fluffy clouds and bearded gatekeepers? Is everybody in perfect health with brand new bodies. Presumably anywhere else I might travel to after that would not match up in comparison but I’d be interested to travel to the much talked about parallel universe. The place where I did not catch that bus, train, plane a la “sliding doors” or I did say what I really thought about x,y,z. Then I might travel to the fantasy land of Middle Earth and chat to some Hobbits!


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