Friday night at the movies…

Friday night…

I went to the Odeon cinema in Panton Street yesterday evening. I went to see Half of a Yellow Sun the film adaptation of the same-titled book by Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie.


Not sure what to make of it but I think I liked it.

I do not know enough about Nigerian history or the book to comment. I bought the book years ago but only got three quarters of the way through it. I do feel slightly shameful about this because I am a Nigerian and I claim Chimamanda as one of my favourite authors.

I can say that I think I was more gripped by the book than the film. When I read the book I think I had a better sense of the characters. In the film I was not quite sure what the characters were all about, what where their passions. I don’t feel like I felt as invested and interested in them as I did I in the book. But maybe that is recall bias on my part! Maybe I am being too harsh…

I loved the two lead actresses – Thandi Newton and Anika Noni Rose – or rather I loved their wardrobes. I loved the dresses, tops, trousers and shoes – the clouds, fit and style. Does that make me shallow and superficial when talking about a film about significant historical events…? I loved the sisters bolshiness at the beginning of the film.


I loved the colours and the decor of the homes. I have no idea if it was all authentic but is was certainly visually pleasing. I liked the interspersed pieces of news reel. Anyhow I guess I should finish the book and find Nigerian history book.


Afterwards I did not feel like going straight home – despite having spent the whole evening alone. So I wandered into BusabiEathai – one of my favourite eating places. Today’s order jasmine and banana smoothie accompanied by grilled salmon (instead of the usual grilled chicken) and cucumber and spinach salad and sticky rice. It was interesting…



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