Weekly Writing Challenge : Blog your Block

For this week’s challenge, take a hike. The genre, length, or intention of your post doesn’t matter; what matters is that it sprang up close to home, in a place you might have otherwise overlooked. More specifically, take a short walk around your own block: head out your front door, then circle the streets immediately contiguous to where you live. If you’re at work, you can take a lunchtime stroll down the street or around the office parking lot. If you’re mobility-challenged, you can sit on your back porch, front stoop, or near a window, looking out. The point is to take a moment to investigate your own neighborhood: specifically, the square block of real estate you see (and probably ignore) on a regular basis. Once you’ve explored your own neighborhood with inquiring eyes, you are free to write whatever arises: an anthropological case-study, a murder mystery, a travel report. The genre, length, or intention of your post doesn’t matter; what matters is that it sprang up close to home, in a place you might have otherwise overlooked.

Walthamstow or as it is most recently referred to by estate agents Awesomestow


A town in North East London not far from my own town. I went to Walthamstow market on Saturday afternoon with my sister. It took me back in time to when I would come every week to shop for my mother. She would send me to buy meat from the butchers and vegetables from the grocers. My own little treat / compensation for completing these chores was to use some of my spare cash to buy clothes from the market. There were plenty of cheap and cheerful clothes that my student eyes targeted.

I rarely go to Walthamstow for that purpose anymore. Now it is to the get hair products from the ‘black hair’ shop.

I went to Walthamstow on Sunday morning with my sister to buy said hair products I had this weeks writing challenges in mind while we walked around. I tried to see Walthamstow market with new eyes.

I noticed a Polish restaurant that I had not seen before. I am not sure how long it has been there for and I wonder if I will ever stop and pop in for a drink and food. I have no clue what Polish food is like.

I am more familiar with another type of food and shop – we went into a shop catering for African, Caribbean and Asian foods and I looked with interest at all the tuber type foods available yams, sweet potatoes and dasheen. I have never seen dasheen before. I would not know how to cook it or what with, maybe I will Google some recipes one day. Yams I know, Nigerian fare that supplements many a breakfast lunch and dinner. My favourite is yam boiled and served with oil and salt – absolutely delicious. Something about its simplicity makes it extremely attractive.

There were not many people on Sundays around but these were a few that stood out – two young women in bright tops.

We only spent about 30 minutes there but I found myself being continually being dragged into the past, with every shop that I walked past. Places that have been closed down or reinvented but I remember vividly the ‘original’. The place where I brought a sparkly silver top or my pink summer sandals.

A new housing complex is under construction ‘The Scene’ – luxury looking apartments overlooking the market. New in the middle of old. It is already ready changing the visual profile, I am not sure that I like it. However given that I do not live there, and hardly come there, I guess I cannot complain too much.

So a random helter skelter of thoughts inspired by walking around Walthamstow market.


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