You scream, I scream, We all scream for ice cream

The past five days have been something like this…















in terms of how I feel about myself and life. I am hoping to exit from that place pretty rapidly but it is an ‘opportunity’ for self reflection and self improvement.


The weekend has arrived  and not one to dabble in self-pity, I am musing on the nice parts of today…



Number one. The nice cup of classic Earl Grey Tea that our Named Nurse made me. Milk and no sugar. It was perfect and somehow hit the spot.




Number two. I noticed this Italian ice cream shop while  I was on the way to Ealing Hospital. Since meeting my lovely companion not only have I developed a love of dark chocolate but am partial to the ‘Italian’ ice cream. So it made perfect sense that on my way back home, with the weather being so uncharacteristically warm and sunny, I stopped off and bought 3 scoops in a cup. Chocolate fudge brownie, banana and coconut.




Sometimes ice cream is the only answer

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