No question about it…

So far this Spanish journey has been as much about food as rest.

After a night of very bizarre dreams – the day starts with breakfast – prettily presented and hungrily eaten.

I’d almost forgotten how nice it is to eat breakfast in the Sun after a good nights sleep.

What did I eat?

Toasted Bread with tomato, olive oil and ham. Toasted Bread with sobrasada.

Tejas – sweet and very hard/crunchy biscuits. I think they are meant to be curved to represent traditional Spanish roof tiles. These ones were flat and round and tasty.

All of this washed down with orange juice.

Very nice.


Lunch was another delicious affair, eagerly awaited after a short walk along the beach (la playa).

Salad – feta cheese, prawns, avocado, lettuce, mint with lime juice and olive oil dressing. Followed by steak with grilled vegetables – courgettes, aubergines and asparagus. All washed down with Tinto de verano ( Kas Lemon juice, red wine and a slice of lemon)


Dessert – strawberries in yoghurt. Not just any strawberries…marinated in lime juice and sugar.


So a few culinary ideas to take back with me and experiment with.


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  1. Yummy. Now i’lm off to eat my pasta – it’s going to be boring in comparison with the above menu 🙂

  2. Yes. I have been throughly spoilt…

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