The idea…

To eat nothing but fruit all day.

The reason?

Let’s just stick to the fruit…


Sandia y cereza



Manzana y melon y albericoque


Afternoon snack



Manzana, platano y sandia

Fruit smoothie
Fruit smoothie

And that was it for the whole – interspersed with glasses of water and juice. How did I feel? Mostly hungry and never quite full. Would I do it again?

I could definitely do with eating more fruit as part of my diet. I did contemplate having one day a week of eating just fruit – a Tuesday perhaps- when I have no clinics. But what I also realised today that eating for me was not just about staving of hunger and providing nutrition but rather a comfort too. So I realised today that sometimes my motivation to eat was related to boredom or if I was feeling a little upset I would start craving a food substance (the sugarier, the fattier and the saltier the better!) I knew would make me feel better. I am not sure how I would I would manage in the office at work where the daily challenges always seem to drive me to the communal biscuit tin. Self-discipline, that would be the aim, self-discipline. We shall see, we shall see.

Anyway this particular ‘fruit challenge’ is over for now but I will definitely be eating more fruit.

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