A river runs through it

Today we travelled to Ronda via a (~ 45 minute) scenic drive from San Pedro Alcantara

Ronda is Málaga province’s most spectacular town. It owes its name (‘surrounded’ by mountains), to the encircling Serranía de Ronda. Established in the 9th century BC, Ronda is also one of Spain’s oldest towns. Its existing old town, La Ciudad (the City), dates back to Islamic times, when it was an important cultural centre filled with mosques and palaces. Ronda was a favourite with the Romantics of the late 19th century, and has attracted an number of international artists and writers, such as Ernest Hemingway and Orson Welles.

Anyway enough of the blurb lifted from the Lonely Planet…


I just wanted to share some pictures. The place is beautiful and the views spectacular.

The Puente Nuevo is the newest and largest of three bridges that span the 120-metre-deep chasm that carries the Guadalevín River and divides the city of Ronda.


Palace of the Arabian King in the distance




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