There’s no place like home

Today was the last day in Granada.

We took a walk around the town and visited a number of interesting places…

Carmen de Max Moreaux was the first stop.


I’d never heard of this artist before today. A Belgian who died in Granada in 1992 and left his house and his work to the city. The building itself is an original from the region of Albayzín and is popularly known as Carmen. The name comes from the Arabic word Karm which means vine, orchard or garden. The Carmen today preserves its urban Islamic design, complete and picturesque on a small and modest scale. It is made up of a residence and garden of Roman origin with later Arabic additions. There is also an orchard full of flowers, fruit trees and vegetable patches.

It goes without saying that the pictures were excellent – very life like. However today, I was more interested the house that he lived in with his wife, fascinated by the simple luxuries it offered, the stylish (I thought ) decoration of the property of a well travelled man. It made me think about throwing away all my IKEA nicknacks and furniture in an attempt to give my place a bit more soul and class.



I loved the little studio – with its light and space and views of Al Hambra.



The gardens were also pretty and full of cats!



The place just had a nice feel about it. I will definitely return.






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