Daily Prompt: It’s Your Party

Since many are marking their country’s “birthday” in the US today, we wanted to ask: How do you celebrate yours? Are you all for a big bash, or more of a low-key birthday boy/girl?

It’s my birthday at the end of month. Two years from 40!!!

Happy that I’m alive but I don’t do big birthday bashes.

I am indeed a low-key birthday girl.

The past few years have just been family only.My greatest fear? I would invite people to my birthday party and they would not turn up.  The only party I had was when I was seven and only two people came to my party. Perhaps I was scarred for life!!

it's my party...
It’s my party…



Silly really but it has meant that I have never had birthday drinks with a group of friends and my family have never set up a “surprise  party” for me.  I was always happy with home cooked meal of  chicken, jellof rice and a bottle of super malt.

Have I missed out ? I am not sure.  I was always just glad to be alive!

I think perhaps my favourite activity on my birthday is taking pictures of myself!!!My excuse? “I want to remember what I looked like when I was x years old”

Birthday girl - me at 35
Birthday girl – me at 35
Birthday girl
Birthday girl

Anyway – I am always glad I made it through the year and look forward with hope and gratitude to the next one.

Maybe if all is well at 40 I will have a big birthday bash…

Me – at 37 years and 11 months

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