Daily prompt : Unlikely pairing

Bacon and chocolate, caramel and cheddar… Is there an unorthodox food pairing you really enjoy? Share with us the weirdest combo you’re willing to admit that you like — and how you discovered it.

For me birthdays and Christmas are incomplete without moi moi and/or akara covered with sweet custard. Delicious.

I am not sure how unlikely or unorthodox a pairing they are but I know my Nigerian cousin looked at me strangely when I pour custard over the moi moi.

In Nigeria they are more likely to eat it with pap (ogi to the Yorubas) which has slightly sharper taste.

I think I like the combination of savoury and sweet.






Many years ago I set up a Facebook group ‘moi moi and custard’ but strangely enough I am the only member…


Continuing on the savoury and sweet theme, we had scrambled eggs with garlic and home made Magdelenas. Once again delicious.


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